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  COMO Shambhala Estate

Shambhala, the sacred place of bliss

     COMO Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri is a residential health retreat. It is a place where you can find space to make informed life changes that will matter for the rest of your years. It is also a place of beauty where silence still reigns.
The elevated level of care and intimacy gives you the chance to reconnect with nature's rhythms and the time to discover new passions, exploring Bali on your journey towards better health. You are treated as individuals with complex issues belonging to mind, body and spirit. Assisted by our unique environment, which combines exceptional villa accommodation with state-of-the-art health facilities, we encourage you to shed old habits, nurtured by leading specialists in contemporary holistic health. Trust us to take good care of your every need. Many of our guests don't just make life-changing improvements to their health; they also leave with life-long friends.
The Estate offers various Wellness Programmes that incorporate different lengths of stay with therapies angled towards a specific purpose. Programmes generally run for three, five or seven nights. Alternatively, you can opt for a Bespoke Health Programme to target a particular concern.


Gending Kedis

Ayurvedic Programme
Ayurveda addresses the root cause by enhancing toxin catabolism and by balancing the five elements of body and mind to bring about wellness.

Bespoke Health Programmes
Bespoke Health Programmes are discussed prior to your arrival, and finessed during your stay as per your progress, goals and requirements

Cleansing Programme
This powerful but safe programme allows you to cleanse your body of toxins accumulated through bad diet and polluted environments.



Get Fit Programme
This inspiring programme is designed to get you back on track and back in shape, motivating you to enjoy a new sense of fitness and good health.

Rejuvenation Programme
This programme combines the beneficial effects of beauty and spa treatments with healthy eating and positive thinking to help you realise your youth.

Stress Management Programme
This programme is designed for those who feel the need to make positive lifestyle changes to combat the pressures of the busy modern world.

Before going on retreat, guests are encouraged to communicate directly with The Estate (we provide a pre-arrival questionnaire) so that the right Personal Programme is developed for each client. Fixed-rate Wellness Programmes are also on offer, including unique stays for honeymooners. All guests can make use of The Estate's complimentary schedule that operates daily with group activities that might include Yoga, Pilates, Tai'Chi, guided hikes, group discussions, coaching sessions and specialist Learning Seminars. Additional excursions are always available. In addition, guests can join Retreat Programmes. These are specialist weeks led by visiting Masters focusing on specific subjects such as Yoga or Pilates. Teachers are leading lights from Sydney to Los Angeles. Always, the experience is enriched by our healthful COMO Shambhala cuisine.




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