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Puri Lukisan 1
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Museum Puri Lukisan
Jl. Raya Ubud
Ubud, 80571 Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (62 361) 971 159 Fax: (62 361) 975 136
Puri Lukisan Logo

Museum Puri Lukisan, the oldest art museum in the culturally-charged village of Ubud, is home to the finest collection of modern traditional Balinese painting and wood-carving on the island, spanning the era from pre-war (1930-1945) to post-war (1945 - present).

Encompassed within the serene confines of a native tropical garden, the recently-renovated museum in central Ubud incorporates four exhibition pavilions as well as the Museum of Marketing. Workshops for visitor are a feature, and visitors can relax and take refreshments in the terraced restaurant overlooking the garden.

Ida Bagus Nyana (1912-1985), a talented wood sculptor and a gifted dancer, known for his impressionistic, elongated woodcarvings, featuring simple fluid shapes.

The creative work of Ida Bagus Gelgel (1900-1937) has been internationally recognised. His Priest Dharmaswami, using natural dyes on paper, is one of the masterpieces of the Museum.

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad (1862-1978) is a renowned figure in the Balinese community as well as in artistic circles internationally. Although his specialty was painting formal classical scenes to which he applied creative genius and a passionate intensity, he had a broad range of talents in many art forms including painting, sculpture and architecture.

Anak Agung Gde Sobrat (1919-1992) started his creative career carving Wayang puppets of the Hindu epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata. He studied painting under Walter Spies and Bonnet, and from 1957 to 1959, taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Yogyakarta. His painting of the Balinese Market, exhibited at the opening of the Museum Puri Lukisan, remains one of its masterpieces.

The work of I Gusti Made Deblog (1910-1978) portrays a passionate sense of the beauty of nature, rendered in elegantly refined detail. His drawing, the Birth of Hanuman (1936) was presented to the Puri Lukisan Museum by the Ford Foundation.


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