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equipped with a 38m curving waterslide, lifeguard supervised snorkeling area, banana boat, underwater viewing chamber, semi submersible coral viewer and optional scuba diving and parasailing. Bali Hai II moors alongside the pontoon and an international buffet lunch is available onboard.

Bali Hai Beach Club and Hai Tide Huts are situated on Nusa Lembongan and are the only full facility located directly on the beach. This tropical hideaway can hold up to 500 day guests and has 15 air conditioned and traditional Hai Tide Huts for overnight stay. There are 2 restaurants, 2 swimming pools including a swim up bar, a sunset drinks bar as well a spacious lawn perfect for corporate team building activities.

A 64ft exclusive sailing catamaran sailing to both Nusa Lembongan and neighboring Nusa Penida. Seating Capacity: 54 passengers
Areas:Includes sundeck area, open shaded area with internal seating area and a main deck seated cabin.
Vessel Sailing Time:Benoa - Lembongan/Penida approx 2 hours sailing.
Bali Hai Cruises Ocean Rafting
  Bali Hai Cruises Aristocat

Aristocat sails twice weekly to the remote and unspoilt Crystal Bay on Bali Hai Cruises ‘Castaway’ experience. The bay is exclusive to Bali Hai guests and offers a haven of relaxation. For group bookings and charter we can arrange a themed ‘Castaway Survivor Challenge’ day out complete with group tasks such as rafting racing and survival games.

Semi inflatable high speed vessel with a top speed of 46 knots and cruising speed of 33 knots/hr. Sails twice daily: First leaving early morning on Dolphin Cruise along the south coast of Bali (7:30-9:30am). Secondly cruising from Benoa on a 3 Island cruise of Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. (10:30am-5:30pm). Seating Capacity:24 passengers
Vessel Cruising Time:Benoa-Lembongan approx 30 minutes
Recent Events
Entrust Australian 29 pax Aristocat Dec 2007
WWF International 45 pax Aristocat Dec 2007
TNC China / Hongkong 24 pax Ocean Rafting 3 Island Dec 2007
BUD Greek 37 pax Aristocat Nov 2007
Volvo Belgium 40 pax Aristocat Castaway Oct 2007
Bali Wedding French 2 pax Aristocat Evening Oct 2007
Mobile 8 International 17 pax Ocean Rafting 3 Island Sep 2007
Guines China / Hongkong 14 pax Aristocat Castaway Aug 2007
Brunet UK 13 pax Ocean Rafting 3 Island Aug 2007
Kenji China / Hongkong 15 pax Aristocat Aug 2007
Seagate Indian 165 pax Bali Hai Day Cruise July 2007
Fahrenheit Indonesian 246 pax Bali Hai Sunset Dinner July 2007
Songa Mercur International 45 pax Crew Transfer July 2007
Financial Partners International 38 pax Aristocat June 2007
Invensys USA 51 pax Aristocat June 2007
Star Excel French 173 pax Bali Hai Castaway May 2007
Bulgari Japanese 15 pax Aristocat Castaway May 2007
Nestle Belgium 49 pax Aristocat Castaway Apr 2007
Wyeth Asia Pacific 21 pax Ocean Rafting Dolphin Mar 2007
Floating Fantassy Indian 228 pax Bali Hai Day Cruise Mar 2007
E & Y Indian 244 pax Bali Hai Day Cruise Mar 2007
DHL Asia Pacific 104 pax Bali Hai Day Cruise Feb 2007
Ootsuka Medicine Japanese 80 pax Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Feb 2007
BMW French 37 pax Aristocat Jan 2007
Gamzalov Russia 10 pax Aristocat Jan 2007
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